• Pastor Bill

28 Days of Bible Study: Day 10

The People of Saint James and The Gospel of Matthew

March 25, 2020

Step 1: Read Matthew chapter 10

Read or Listen or Watch or See

Step 2: A little teaching...

In chapter 10 Jesus sends his disciples out on a mission. His instructions are often referred to as Jesus' Missionary Discourse, the second of his 5 speeches in Matthew. As you read the chapter, see if this is a good summary along the way:

  1. Go to the lost sheep of Israel (first).

  2. Proclaim the Good News in Word and Deed.

  3. Go humbly in a spirit of service.

  4. Be willing to depend on the hospitality of strangers.

  5. Don't get discouraged by rejection, keep moving.

  6. I'm sending you out into a dangerous world.

  7. Don't be afraid, God will be with you.

  8. Fear God more than anything.

  9. I am bringing judgment.

  10. You will be a blessing.

(Feel free to disagree with my list.)

And remember, while Jesus was talking to his disciples,

Matthew was writing to a group of later disciples about what Jesus said.

The generation of disciples Matthew was writing to spread Christianity far and wide.

Step 3: Discuss, Doodle, Draw or Journal...

Jesus was talking to his disciples.

Matthew wrote to Jesus' later disciples.

And we are among those disciples to whom Jesus talked and Matthew wrote.

What power has Jesus given you to heal the sick?

Are you generous? Are you a caring person? Are you fearless?

Where has Jesus sent you? Where is Jesus sending you?

What words has he given you to speak?

How in our day and age do we go humbly and receive hospitality?

Step 4: Pray

Dear God, You have sent us out into the world. Remind us of our power and our mission. Remind us of your presence that we might go out faithfully and fearlessly.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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