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28 Days of Bible Study: Day 6

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The People of Saint James and The Gospel of Matthew

March 20, 2020

Step 1: Read Matthew chapter 6

Read or Listen or Watch or See

Step 2: A little teaching...

Where as chapter 5 seemed to focus on the law about our relationships with each other: anger, adultery, murder, contracts, etc., Chapter 6 seems to focus on religious issues: prayer, fasting, charity, loyalty to God, and worry. Since you've already read the chapter (you have right?)... jump to the discussion questions.

Step 3: Discuss, Doodle, Draw or Journal...

Is worrying a religious issue? Why... or Why not...?

Is the Lord's Prayer, Jesus cure for our worries? How?

Pay special attention to the idea of "daily bread."

Can you say it with your eyes closed?

How does the NRSV compare to the Lord's Prayer you know?

If you have a small catechism, read Luther's explanation to the Lord's prayer.

Step 4: Pray

Dear God, Teach us to pray and encourage our worrisome hearts.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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