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28 Days of Bible Study: Day 9

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The People of Saint James and The Gospel of Matthew

March 24, 2020

Step 1: Read Matthew chapter 9

Read or Listen or Watch or See

Step 2: A little teaching...

Here’s a curiosity: Matthew thinks two are better than one. When he changes a story that he found in Mark’s Gospel, he sometimes doubles it. Compare for example Matthew 9:27-31 the healing of two blind men with Mark 10:47-48. And then compare Matthew 21:2 with the other gospels: 2 donkeys on Palm Sunday! I’ve never heard a great explanation for this. Maybe Matthew was teaching his congregation about the important of working in pairs (like a field trip buddy).

This is another list of miracles. Think about them as literally happening and then ask about their symbolic message. Notice for example the 12 year old girl and the woman with the 12 year flow of blood.

The call of Matthew the Tax-Collector (i.e. Traitor). In Mark’s gospel, his name is Levi. Is this really Matthew who wrote the Gospel, or maybe this is the character Matthew most identifies with.

Read the chapter and then look ahead to Matthew 11:2.

Step 3: Discuss, Doodle, Draw or Journal...

What miracles have you seen in your life? Or heard about from others?

What miracles are you still waiting for?

Step 4: Pray

Dear God, Creator and healer, as Jesus came to open the eyes of the blind and heal the sick, give us vision, heal us that we may be sent out into the world with your Good News of Love and Forgiveness.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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