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A Revelation on Revelation??

Many of us avoid reading the book of Revelation because we may find it difficult to understand. From the visions of John, of throne of heaven – with twenty-four thrones around it, with seven flaming torches, and creatures with six wings and full of eyes inside and out. We begin to feel overwhelmed by all the description of the writing of John and not understand what it is that John is really describing. Is this real? Did this happen? Is this going to happen?

John wrote the book of Revelation as letters two the seven churches that existed in his day. John wrote these letters when we was a prisoner of the government (empire). These letters were written during a time of great turmoil for the Christian church. During a time when the rulers of the world (the emperors) were demanding to the people that they were the one true god and that they should be worshipped and bowed down to. If you refused to bow down to the emperor and declare the emperor your god, you would be killed.

How many of us would like to declare ourselves Christians during this time? I suspect that this would have us really thinking about how much are we willing to sacrifice to worship the one who we believe the one true God.

This Sunday, November 10, 2019 – I will be taking us through the book of Revelation, a journey that will be difficult and hard to fathom, as we do not live with the same type of rulers today. This study of Revelation may shed new light onto a book that many of us avoid like the plague. Just maybe, we can see just how God works in the world in times of great distress and tribulation.

Oh my, did I just use the word tribulation?? Yes, there is even a section in the book of Revelation about tribulation!! I look forward to “running” through the book of Revelation with you!! Let the battle begin (Satan v.s. God)?!

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