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For Your Consideration…

I’ve been thinking about our friends and adult children

who seem to have decided that the Church is irrelevant.

Who are we?

What are we doing?

What is our purpose?

Does any of this matter?

Is the Church still relevant? …still needed?

For your consideration…

1. All people are meant to experience and express love in an enduring community (e.g. families and tribes) through all of life’s twists and turns.

2. A Christian is a person who loves Jesus’ God and God’s creation in a community through worship and service.

3. The Church is an enduring community gathered by God’s Spirit where people experience and respond to God’s love through worship and service.

I have written and rewritten these 3 sentences a hundred times. I like them. I think they’re helpful, but I’m not sure they’re exactly right. I’m curious about what you think. Drop me a line if you want at

Still searching… Still pondering…

Peace & Justice,

Pastor Bill

©️ 2022, Pastor Bill Bernau.

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