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Holy Communion

There are so many ways to serve and receive Holy Communion:

  • Real Bread or Wafers

  • Gluten or Gluten-Free

  • Wine or Grape Juice

  • Standing or Kneeling

  • Common Cup or Individual Cups

  • Glass Cups or Plastic Cups

  • Intinction (dipping)

  • The Bread without the Wine

  • The Wine without the Bread

None of the above is the right way.

None of the above is the wrong way.

You might have a preference.

I do.

With all of the options, there are trade-offs.

Some ways are more somber, while others are more celebratory.

Some ways are easier to set up and clean up.

Some ways may be more inclusive.

Some ways may be better for the environment.

Some ways feel like we are a community gathered.

Some ways feel like it’s a you and Jesus moment.

Like most things, the pandemic challenged our normal patters.

We used a lot of self-serve kits and I’m thankful we had that option.

I am hoping that we can get back to a pre-pandemic pattern of intinction for the summer.

I will be on sabbatical and intinction is the easiest for a reduced number of summer volunteers to set up and clean up. Plus we won’t be putting all those little plastic cups in the landfill.


Pastor Bill

March 14, 2022

©️ 2022, Pastor Bill Bernau.

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