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Less Plastic Please

One of my 2020 New Year’s Resolutions is Less Plastic. You know… the single use plastic containers and packaging that are filling up our oceans, landfills and streets… in part because our “recycling” system is broken or more likely never worked very well.

So we (Debbie is a good sport and way ahead of me on most things) are two weeks in and here is what we’ve been trying…

  • Tooth Paste Bites instead of Tooth Paste Tubes… basically a refillable glass jar of chewable toothpaste pills. It take a little getting use to, but should keep at least 9 toothpaste tubes out of the system from my bathroom. My dentist looked at the ingredients and said she was going to give them a try. Check it out here: www.bitetoothpastebits.com

  • Refillable Deodorant from Myro… basically a refillable outer shell of a deodorant dispenser with cartridges used to refill. They claim a 50% reduction in plastic deodorant containers going into the landfill from my bathroom. I like the product and it seems to be working. (Please tell me if you disagree.) You can buy this at Target or online: www.mymyro.com.

  • Tru Earth Laundry Detergent… 32 loads of laundry in a small envelope shaped box. Incredible! Just think of all those laundry detergent jugs or plastic bags of pods out of the waste stream. This is available through Amazon or online at www.tru.earth.

  • We’re trying two kinds of dish soap… one is a bar and brush, the other a refillable soap delivered in a compostable tube. www.shopetee.com/

  • I’m shaving like Grandpa… with a safety razor, brush and shaving soap. It takes some getting use to, but no more plastic razor cartridges and cans of shaving cream in the waste stream are worth the effort.

  • My spouse gets all the credit for no disposable napkins and no paper towels. We use the cloth alternatives on both.

  • We bought a reusable filter for our coffee pot, which you can get at Target.

  • We have plenty of reusable grocery bags, which we keep in our cars and backpacks. If you need one, Saint James has them.

  • We try to travel with our own coffee mugs.

  • I found poop bags for the dogs made out of compostable material. My brother-in-law says, “Think about dog poop in a plastic bag for 1,000 years!” www.amazon.com/dp/B01GEW7OPG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_xphiEbP0B89XY

  • Now, I’m looking for a better tall kitchen garbage bag. Why should we wrap all that garbage in plastic? I would appreciate any suggestions.

There is no pride in this. I’m basically an old guy and a little ‘late to the dance.’ But as a person of faith, I believe we are called to take care of the world we’ve been given and a late start is better than no start at all.

I hope some of this helps you on your journey.


Pastor Bill

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