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Safety Guidelines

In-Person In-the-Building Worship Guidelines for Stage 1 Regathering

Revised on October 20, 2020

Saturdays at 5pm and Sundays at 10:30am

As we Gather:

1. We will ask those who are sick or who believe they might have been recently exposed to the virus not to attend worship. We will ask people to be mindful of CDC recommendations regarding attendance (e.g. underlying conditions, age, etc).

2. We will limit total attendance to 70 people with pre-worship signups required.

3. Ushers will hold doors as people enter and exit the building.

Ushers will guide people to and from their seats in the sanctuary.

During Worship:

4. Everyone (over the age of 2) is required to wear a mask while in the building.

5. Bulletins will be a single-use item and recycled. We will not use hymnals.

Worship will not include congregational singing.

Vocalists and instrumentalists (other than the organ) will lead from the fellowship area.

6. Pastor & Worship Leaders will lead from the Chancel and wear masks when not speaking.

7. We will share the peace without hugs or handshakes.

8. We will celebrate communion from the pews.

9. A Council Member will be present for worship to help us follow these guidelines.

After Worship:

10. We will not have fellowship time after the service.

11. The north end of the church will be off-limits.

12. We will fog the sanctuary, bathrooms, entryway between uses.

13. We will ask that anyone who tests positive for the virus after attending a worship service notify the church office. Names will be kept private and the staff will determine if any notifications of other worshippers are needed.

14. We will move toward less restrictive gatherings as conditions allow.

If conditions worsen, we will revert to Online Only Worship.

* Online Worship will continue Sundays at 9am throughout 2020.

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