• Pastor Bill

Saint James Coronavirus Update

March 13, 2020 at 4:00pm

Advice regarding Worship Attendance:

  1. If you are sick please stay home.

  2. If someone in your house is sick, please stay home.

  3. If you are vulnerable due to age or an underlying medical conditions, please stay home.

  4. If you are nervous about Coronavirus, please stay home.

  5. Wash your hands.

  6. Sneeze into your arm (like a vampire).

  7. Etc.

Our Precautions at Saint James:

  1. Purell in the Pews.

  2. No Handshaking.

  3. The offering will be collected without passing the plates.

  4. Our weekend worship services will be The Service of the Word (i.e. No Communion) for at least the next 3 weeks: March 14/15, March 21/22, March 28/29.

  5. For the next 3 weekends, we will have no Sunday School and no Fellowship treats: March 14/15, March 21/22, March 28/29. Ethan will send home-schooling materials to parents.

  6. We are cancelling our Wednesday programming for March 18, 25 and April 1. That means no soup suppers, no Holden Evening Prayer, no Confirmation, no Youth Group, no Choir Practice.

  7. Our Monday Bible Study will not be meeting again before Monday, April 13.

Attention: If the CDC or Iowa Department of Public Health ask for social distancing in our community, or Johnston Schools suspend classes, we will suspend our regular weekend worship services.

In Lieu of Our Regular Schedule & Activities:

This moment will pass. God is good. We are praying. And you are loved.


Pastor Bill

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