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The Church is changing…

The Church is always changing.

It’s changed a lot already in my lifetime.

When I was born in 1964, our Church still believed in the Holy Ghost and women were not allowed to be pastors. Today we believe in the Holy Spirit and both our national and regional bishops are women.

It feels like we are gradually letting go of some things, while simultaneously holding onto some other things.

We seem to be letting go of…

- “Dressing Up” for worship. Most of us are pretty casual for work and worship.

- Sunday School attendance has been declining for decades.

- Our desire to condemn others.

- The idea that our Church/Denomination has all the answers for all our questions.

We (esp Saint James) seem to be holding onto…

- Confirmation even as Sunday School attendance declines.

- Liturgy to lead worship.

- Congregational Singing to express our hope, joy and longing.

- Fellowship and Community.

We also seem to be rediscovering a few things…

- The central value of Bible Study in the life of a Christian community.

- Our shared ministry with the larger church, e.g. raising up new pastors like Vicar Tori.

The Church is always changing.

And most of the changes are for the better.

Thank you for being simultaneously wise change agents and stewards of our traditions.


Pastor Bill

April 25, 2022

©️ 2022, Pastor Bill Bernau.

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