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Wearing a Mask…

I don’t like wearing a mask.

I’m not sure how much they help.

I’ve been fully vaccinated. I’m not afraid of getting Covid.

I’ve heard all of these statements from others.

I’ve thought all of these statements for myself.

I more or less agree with all of these statements. And I regularly wear a mask.

I regularly wear a mask for 2 reasons.

#1 – I wear a mask everywhere that I am asked to wear one. This includes hospitals, nursing homes, airports, airplanes, some businesses, some restaurants, most theaters and in some private homes. Unless I am in my own home or car, I am a guest in someone else’s space. And in that space whether or not I agree with the decision about masks I will respect my hosts’ wishes. It feels like the polite thing to do.

#2 – I regularly wear a mask because if I get covid there will be 1 or 2 days before I have any symptoms when I will be highly contagious. During those 1 or 2 unknowable days, I do not want to inadvertently give the virus to someone who is unvaccinated or especially vulnerable. And while I don’t know exactly how helpful masks are, there is a consensus that they are at least somewhat helpful. For a Christian during a pandemic for the sake of our neighbors, ‘somewhat helpful’ is more than enough.

There are plenty of other reasons why a person might choose to wear a mask despite having some misgivings, but for me these two reasons settle the matter.

Peace & Justice,

Pastor Bill

Copyright 2022, Pastor Bill Bernau.

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