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What does faithfulness look like?

We know what faithfulness looks like in a marriage, at work and school, on our teams. That’s why we give our spouses our attention, get our work done on time and show up for practice.

What does it mean to be faithful to our church?

  • We show up for worship regularly.

  • We support its ministry with our financial gifts.

  • We participate in opportunities for fellowship, service and education.

In some ways, our culture makes faithfulness harder than ever before. At one time, most stores were closed on Sunday mornings. That’s no longer true. At one time, teams refused to practice or play on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. That’s no longer true. At one time, church camp was likely the only camp a child could experience. That’s no longer true.

But in other ways, being faithful to our church has never been easier.

  • We gather for worship on Saturdays at 5pm in addition to our regular Sunday morning gathering.

  • Our weekly sermons are available as a podcast, usually within a few hours of our worship services.

  • This blog is an opportunity to grow in your faith, can be accessed at any time and read in only a few minutes.

  • We have an electronic giving program, so that your financial gifts can arrive on time even when you don’t

Don’t let Satan convince you that being faithful to too hard; it’s not. Instead make a decision to work on your faithfulness!

  • Make a plan to attend worship. If you’re currently attending only rarely, try making a once or twice a month commitment. If you’re currently attending 50% of the time, try making it 75%.

  • Subscribe to our podcast, so you can hear the gospel even when you don’t make it to worship.

  • Subscribe to this blog, so you’re faith is regularly being nourished and nudged along.

  • Sign up for Simply Giving (EFT) for your offering. If you’re not currently giving on a regular basis, start with something small. Even $5 or $10 per week, adds up over a year and helps feed the hungry and educate our children. (Call Linda for more information on signing up.)

And remember...

God doesn’t love you because you’re faithful;

Instead we try to be faithful,

because God loves us even when we aren’t.


Pastor Bill

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