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When I was a kid…

So a friend stopped by and we were talking about ‘the good old days’ with the subtext…

‘the world has gone to heck!’

When I was a kid…

- no one wore blue jeans to church!

- we didn’t have cell phones… so they weren’t beeping and buzzing during worship.

- the Bible was King James.

- the music was all organ all the time.

- communion was once a month at the rail with wafers and wine!

- etc.

- etc.

- etc.

We didn’t mention, but should have…

When I was a kid…

- the fellowship hall was full of blue smoke because everyone had a cigarette with their coffee.

- women were not allowed in the pulpit.

- we couldn’t wait to get home to change out of our uncomfortable “church clothes.”

- our church was pretty sure everyone else was going to hell.

- everyone was arguing about the war, the hippies, inflation.

- the hymns were sometimes un-sing-able.

- the lessons were sometimes indecipherable.

- the sermons were loooong and complicated.

- etc.

- etc.

- etc.

We ended up acknowledging that we’re getting old and things change. We agreed that we finally understood what our parents and grandparents were grumbling about all those years ago.


Pastor Bill

March 21, 2022

©️ 2022, Pastor Bill Bernau.

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